Bincombe Valley Primary School

Support Staff


Office Staff

Mrs D Rance          Finance Officer

Mrs T Pearce         Admin Assistant


SEND Support Team

Mrs K Slater  ----- SENCO

Mrs S Seex   ------ SEND Admin Support

Miss S Nation ----- Speech and Language Support 


Pastoral Support Officer

Miss C Llewellyn  


IT Support

Mrs S Garbutt


Parent Champion

Tracey Hodder



Mr T Randall  ---  Site Manager

Mrs K McBride

Mrs L Phillips

Mr R Phillips

Miss K Stone 

 Midday Supervisors

Miss S Clarke

Mrs R Henshall

Miss S Hinton

Mrs C Marsh

Mrs K Pavey-Lock

Miss K Stone

Mrs T Warr



Mrs M Baker

Mrs K McBride

Breakfast Club and Nurture Breakfast

Mrs R Eales

Miss M Garbutt

Mrs C Marsh

Miss S Nation

Mrs E Royle


 After School Club

Miss N Edwards (Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri) 

Mrs C Marsh (Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri)

Miss S Nation (Mon)

Mrs E Royle (Mon)



Mrs K Campbell