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 Bincombe Valley Primary School Governors 

Welcome to the Governors' page.

Our governors are a group of volunteers drawn from parents, the community and the school who give our time and experience freely to support the continuing success of our school. We act as a corporate body through a committee structure and each governor receives training appropriate to the roles that they undertake.

Our main task is to promote on-going improvements in standards throughout the school. We aim to achieve this by developing an in-depth understanding of the school and using this knowledge to challenge and support the Headteacher  and the team. We also ensure that the school’s ethos, values and strategic direction are maintained and we oversee finances so that the school’s money is spent to the best advantage of our children.

The Full Governing Body meets twice each term and is supported by three sub-committees:

  • People and Finance Committee.
  • Curriculum Committee.
  • Infrastructure Committee.

Annual priorities are laid down in the School Development Plan.

Individual Governors support our aim through:

  • Active involvement with the school and the wider community in a variety of ways that reflect their interests and skills;
  • The sharing of their knowledge and views with the other governors;
  • Membership of  committees and
  • On-going training and development.

Members of the Governing Body may be contacted through the school office.

Minutes of the Full Governing Body meetings may also be viewed on request through the school office.

The list below gives a brief summary of our governors. In addition we are supported  by our clerk,                    Rebecca Savage..  




Term of Office 

Stuart Boichot Co-Opted July 2017 4 Years
Leif Pallister Staff Sept 2014 Time in Role
Tim Upton Staff July 2017 Time in Role
Irene Robinson Co-Opted Nov 2016 4 Years
Pete Millner Co-Opted Nov 2017 4 Years
Elaine Taylor Staff Nov 2017 4 Years
Sharron Garbutt Staff Nov 2018 4 Years
Elaine Rowsell Co-Opted Nov 2019 4 Years
Michelle Pettinger Parent Dec2020 4 Years
Jim Collins Co-Opted Dec 2020 4 Years


Click HERE for a more complete list of our governors and their roles and responsibilities.

Sub Committee Membership 2018 -19

Standards and Curriculum
Stuart Boichot - Chair
Leif Pallister
Tim Upton
Irene Robinson
Peter Millner

People & Finance
- Chair
Stuart Boichot
Leif Pallister
Elaine Taylor
Finance Officer (without voting rights)

Leif Pallister
Tim Upton
Sharron Garbutt
Site Manager (without voting rights)