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At Bincombe Valley we have a fantastic new School Library. We fully encourage a love of books and of reading by providing a rich reading environment that stimulates and motivates our children to enjoy and develop their reading from Nursery age all the way up to Year 6.   Our Library contains a large collection of fiction and non- fiction books.

Throughout the school, teachers read a wide range of good quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry with the children on a regular basis. Reading skills are developed systematically in the early years and Key Stage 1 by the teaching of synthetic phonics. We use the Read, Write, Inc scheme and teach phonics daily throughout the school. Language comprehension skills are developed and deepened through guided reading and in reading across the curriculum. Our approach to reading is supported by the use of ‘Accelerated Reader’. 

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Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program that monitors reading practice and   progress. It helps teachers guide children to books that are on their individual reading levels. The children in years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 all regularly borrow books from the library, take quizzes on them and progress through the reading scheme.  They all take regular reading tests over the year to help determine their reading ability.  They are then given a ‘reading range’ and this tells them the area of the library that they can borrow books from.  The range given is matched to their reading ability so that they choose books that they can read comfortably or provide more of a challenge.  The scores children receive from the quizzes they take are monitored by class teachers.  When they are regularly passing quizzes for the level they are on, the teacher gives them permission to move up a level.  Certificates and prizes are awarded for the number of quizzes passed and the number of words read.   You are able to check yourself at home if a book is on ‘Accelerated Reader’ by going online to

We feel there is a clear link between the quality of a school’s library and the general wellbeing of the pupils and their literacy levels. Our aim is that our children develop a real enthusiasm and love for books, so that they can become confident, independent readers and library users.

Quiet Reading  Quiet Reading
'Quiet Reading' is open to all Key Stage 2 children. It takes place in The Library on Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes. Click HERE for more information.

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