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Pine Class have been learning about the Grand Master of Origami - a man called Arika Yoshizawa who was born in Japan in 1911. 

We have had a go at making an origami scarab beetle as well as drawing them.


 Art - Making Papyrus

This week in art, we have been learning about what Ancient Egyptians wrote on. We had a go at making our own papyrus by lying strips of paper horizontally and vertically. 

Next week we will use our papyrus. Watch this space for the results!



We have now used our papyrus to paint pictures of Egyptian Gods.



Egyptian Day

We had an Egyptian day. We all dressed up like Egyptians and learnt about Howard Carter discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun. We also had a treasure hunt using Egyptian Hieroglyphics.



We learned about how Ancient Egyptians mummified their Pharaohs. Then we had a go at mummifying a tomato.



Computer Science

In computing, we have been learning about coding.



Visiting Samba expert, Felix, joined us for a day of Samba playing. Very noisy!!!




Shade and tones

We added white to different colours to make tones and black to make shades.


After we had experimented with shade and tone, we started to think about how we could use the different shades and tones to make objects look 3 dimensional.


 After we had experimented with the shades and tone, we experimented with the different techniques and ways to use the paint. 

Anglo Saxons

We learned about the houses that the Anglo Saxons lived in. We made a wall using wattle and daub. It was very messy!


Still life

In art we have looked at the still life. We looked at some of Cezanne's art work. We used all the techniques we had practised to paint our own still life, using shades and tones to make it look 3 dimensional.


 Computer Science

We have been learning about Audio Recording. We have been recording our voices and editing our recordings.


World Book Day

We all dressed up as our favourite characters for World Book Day.


Pine class have been learning about electricity. This week they explored how to make a circuit and used symbols to record the circuits.


Leeson House Residential

Hi everyone! We have arrived safely and have had a lovely day at Dancing Ledge.

Acer and Pine Yr 3 fun while Yr 4 were at Leeson House

While Yr4 were at Leeson House, Yr 3 had fun in school. We went on a "Bug Hunt", created "Bottle Bugs", made chocolate Easter nests and watched a movie while we ate them!





3D Sculpture

This term, Pine Class have been learning how to use card to make 3D sculpture. We have practised different techniques and ways of joining card. Next, we are going to plan a larger sculpture using all these techniques.