Bincombe Valley Primary School


 Class 6 Weekly Blogs

Papyrus and Egyptian Hieroglyphics

 In Class 6, we have been making Papyrus and writing Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Very messy - but lots of fun!



 To celebrate our learning this term, we had an "Egyptian Day".  We cancelled all our other lesson and did History activities all day . We did some Drama about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, some art about Egyptian Kings and Queens, in the hall, sang our "Amazing Egyptians" song altogether and unwrapped the classroom Mummy!





 We have started making models of Volcanoes using paper mache - very messy but lots of fun. Watch this space for the finished models!



Piano Accordian 

 Mrs Robinson (School Governor) showed us her amazing Piano Accordian playing.



Volcano Eruptions!

We finished our volcanoes and set off amazing eruptions!