Bincombe Valley Primary School

Class 3 (Year 1)





BREAKING NEWS - A crime has been committed in Class 3

 In English we had a mystery to solve. Someone has eaten the porridge and broken a chair thank goodness they left some clues! With some dedicated detective work we figured out that it must of been Goldilocks, so then we came up with some describing words to create a wanted poster to help us find her.
We are now creating instructions on how to catch a porridge thief! to help us do this the children are learning imperative verbs such as firstly, secondly, after that, next, then and finally.


Maths - Place Value/Numicon

In maths we have been recently been learning place value, learning how to use tens, frames and counters to represent a number in different ways. We have been using numicon and cubes to represent numbers, also we have been learning to write numbers in words.

English - Instructions

We practiced following instructions by telling each other how to put our coats on.